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Dec 20, 2011 5:30pm EST
of texas. this is the aftermath of a plane crash. one was a teenage girl, order a 2-year-old boy. it went down in a field near college station, texas. the pilot was concerned about the weather and spoke to the pilot in fort worth. he was told how to avoid it but apparently flew in the opposite direction. it was bound for waco, texas. >>> a car chase comes to a dramatic end. he gets out of the car with a little girl. police surrounded him and snatched the girl and arrested the man. the suspect is the girl's father. police beganñr chasing him afted kidnapping. >>> an undercover operatione1>)s the nafimn'sc capital resultsñri million worth of drugs and weapons. the operation kicked off more than a year ago. several agencies were part of it including the d.c. police, fbi, ice and the dea. >>> this is the scene in southwestern kansas. you can see the clouds moving through as the snow piles up. many people are leaving their cars on the side of the road looking for safety. >>> well, newt gingrich and mitt romney find themselves in a dead heat. more on the republicans race that's heating up. >>
Dec 23, 2011 5:30pm EST
and the crowd. no word on whether anybody was arrested. >>> texas, check out these lines at mall in houston. thousands of people lined up in hopes of getting their hands on the kicks. police were called to a few places when the crowds got rowdy the mania is part of the frenzy for last minute shoppers trying to get gift list colcompleted by sunday. there are snags. >> just over 1 shopping day is left until christmas. hours and last minute shoppers are likely getting last minute deals or encountering big headaches. it's a magical time of the year filled with love, joy, and for some folks, anxiety about making the christmas day deadline. indianapolis shoppers waited in line for hours at lafayette square mall to buy air jordans. >> when i get home, i want to have these on my feet. >> reporter: similar in atlanta, charlotte and seattle where demand outstripped supply. >> i've been here since 1:00 this afternoon. it's been crazy. >> reporter: overall americans have been shopping like crazy, on line sales are up 15% to $32 billion so far this holiday season. if you bought gifts on line from best b
Dec 19, 2011 5:30pm EST
blizzard conditions in places like oklahoma and northern texas towards amarillo. relatively milder air and also drier air. we'll cloud up. there will be rain on the radar. i'm not sure how much hits the ground. we'll keep the chance for spotty showers, maybe enough to create a drizzle. on wednesday there's where the main storm is set to arrive and that complo bring some steadier heavier rains through the early part of wednesday afternoon. overnight 35, mostly cloudy. tuesday we'll keep the chance for spotty showers. we're not going to see much rain. tuesday night better chances but the plain chance will hold off until wednesday during the day. >> your seven-day forecast, temperatures warming up towards wednesday and the first day of winter on thursday. that's a mild start. christmas weekend, we're watching another disturbance. this one could bring rain and maybe a brief winter mix on christmas eve for the ravens. we'll be watching that. >>> in tonight's democracy 2012 the momentum may be swinging as the new poll shows he has closed the gap on newt gingrich. emily joins us. is the race
Dec 21, 2011 5:30pm EST
of texas college republican president after another questionable twet about the president. it reads my president is black, he snorts a lot of crack, holla. he she replaced lauren pierce after she sent out a controversial tweet that said as tempting as it is may be don't shoot obama. a statement for which he later apologized. >> i can't imagine that. just on -- [inaudible]. >> i was excited to be a longhorn and have this happen disappointing. >> knob from the college has commented on that. >>> coming up at six, a local animal shelter wants you to help them by adopting a pet before the end of the month. what they are doing to make sure they reach their goal of 300 adoptions. >>> and are you sure your toilets are working for the upcoming weekend? what you should do now to avoid a plumbing nightmare later. those and more at six. first a preview of what's coming on world news. >> coming up on world news the fittest generation ever but now boomer women are having knee surgery more than ever. alarming new numbers but also new insight. how you can protect yourself tonight. . >>> kind of a
Dec 26, 2011 5:30pm EST
ansser to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. a christmas day nightmare. a texas family was shot and killed inside this apartment when a man dressed as santa shooter turned the gun on - himself.crime tape marks off the scene sunday... as investtgators canvas the area. two handguns were removed... at least one of them was used during the murder suicide.the motive behind the shooting is unknown. a christmas tragedy for one baltimore familywhose relative was gunned down, right before the holiday. and tonight the gunman is still on the loose. 30 year old damond wallace ... a young father... was killed on christmas eve... just blocks away from his aunt's home.his family says, he was cooking dinner, when he told his girlfriend, he'd be right back.right now, police are canvassing the cherry hill neighborhood where the killing occured.his family believes... this may be a case of mistaken identity. it's tearing me apart, i keep staring down here, what was he trying to tell me something but what, he had 16 brothers and sisters, nnw they're all mourning, crying""i hope whoeve
Dec 9, 2011 5:30pm EST
... texas... students.../ ááwhenáá their... crashes ...into a building. builling.. the... driver... appareetly... lost consciousness.../ the road..../ átheáá front ...of the bus... was... ompletely concrrte bbocks.../// the windshheldd..// &páá2áá... 8-th graderss../ jumped... into action.../// áátheáá... boys./ helpedd.. the younger children.../ out.../ the... back of the bbs... / ááthenáá teeded to ...the... injured driver...////. áánoáá wood... on her condition. new york pare... looking for... a... serial apist -/ is... caught on camera...//. ááthis áá surveillance video.../ shows ....he suspect .../ &p aaducting.../ a... 22--yearrold wwman .../ in queees, ...// ááputtingáá hhr... in &pa choke holl,.../ her... behind a house, .../ ááwhereáá he... tried... tt... sexually ááhe'sáá... struck... twice before,.../ assaulting... 2--women .../ occober..../ oklahoma ... arrest... a woman .../ they s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6